Proforma Invoice Template Sample

In a commercial correspondence, when a buyer has to place a certain quantity of goods, they usually have a potential buyer sending the order to the seller. The seller receiving the letter of order must be able to respond immediately or to the buyer about his ability or willingness to fulfill the order.

Although it does not sell goods ordered by the buyer, or can only fulfill part of it, the seller still must provide confirmation of the order quickly.

Rapid confirmation of orders, it’s important to make potential buyers feel satisfied. Because in this way, the buyer will feel satisfied with the attention or attention of the seller.

Implementing the order well, fast and meticulous it has become the obligation of a seller. This is because if the response to the order is not good, then certainly can disappoint the customers so they no longer want to make reservations at a later time.

If the order has been received and there has been a sale and purchase agreement, then the seller must immediately send goods according to order and agreement. In the delivery of this item, there is one important thing that should not be missed, invoice or invoice. Understanding invoice or invoice is a letter of calculation about goods – goods sold.

An invoice contains the goods shipped, the price of each item, the discounted price if any, and the invoice price which is the final sum of the cost and price desired by the buyer.

Invoicing or invoice in 3 (three) copies. A total of 2 sheets of invoice to support the current price, and 1 sheet of invoice again stored by the seller as an archive.

Invoices can also be made temporarily. A temporary invoice is created when the ordered item is shipped in several stages. This temporary invoice is called pro forma invoice. However, furthermore, if all items of the order have been received, then the actual invoice should be made.

How to create invoices or invoices should pay attention to some of the things that need to be written on them:

1. the identity of the seller,
2. buyer identity,
3. invoice number,
4. order date,
5. goods, goods and unit price,
6. Invoice price
7. the signature column for the receipt of the ordered item accordingly in the invoice

Examples invoice :

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proforma invoice template examples
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